How To Save Money On Your Wedding Cake

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Many brides wonder how they can save money on their wedding cake. The cost of your cake is based on the ingredients used and the decorating. The price you pay per slice is based on your selection. Bakers today offer you the option of many flavors, natural ingredients, less costly cakes, and nice design.

To save money opt for a smooth buttercream frosting instead of fondant. Fondant is a smooth, rolled finish, on a cake. It is beautiful, but expensive, and many people do not like the taste. Right now brides are opting for buttercream icing on their wedding cake. A skilled baker can make buttercream look nice and smooth. It won’t look like fondant, but it will look very pretty.

The cake pictured in this blog uses a buttercream icing. To give it visual interest, my bride used round and square layers.

The good news is that many caterers offer the wedding cake as part of the package. They usually offer a basic buttercream cake with a choice of fillings. The key is not to upgrade the cake and you’ll save money. The cost of a wedding cake is all about the labor, so forget sugar-paste flowers or adding graphic design elements, like a pattern in your dress, in fondant.

You can add finishing touches to your cake yourself. Try using real lace or satin ribbon wrapped around each layer. It costs very little and looks fantastic. If you give these items to your baker or wedding planner, they can place this decorative touch on your cake.

You can also save money when decorating your cake by using fresh flowers vs. sugar flowers. Place a few real flowers on your cake that ties in with your wedding. Your florist can give you extra flowers. Flowers on your cake will tie in nicely with the overall look of your wedding. However, be careful with calla lilies and hydrangeas as they are poisonous. Use wax paper or a liner under the flowers and don’t put the stems directly into the cake.

Also, keep in mind that the more tiers in a wedding cake, the more money it will cost. It takes more time, labor and ingredients to build a cake with significant height.

The key to saving money on a wedding cake is to keep it simple.