More Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Cake

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In my last blog post I told you various ways to save money on your wedding cake. Options included a clean design with smooth buttercream and embellishing your cake with simple details such as a Swiss dot pattern, a wide ribbon around the base, adding fresh flowers and selecting one flavor. You can read that blog here:

There are more options for you to consider, so let’s continue the discussion.

You can have a wonderfully decorated, yet smaller cake on display that’s used for cutting, and then have a sheet cake in the kitchen for serving.

Another idea is to have a smaller cake for cutting and small cakes on each table that are not only the centerpieces for the table, but the dessert as well. You’ve now saved money on your centerpieces!

If you do want a tall multi-layered wedding cake, but can’t afford it, you could ask your baker to create faux layers made of styrofoam. The layers will then be iced. Your guests will never be the wiser. You then serve them from a sheet cake in the kitchen. Of course, you’ll need one real layer to cut into for the cake cutting.

Other cake saving options include cupcake trees with a small cake on top for your cake cutting photographs. Guests are then served the individual cupcakes. The fun thing about cupcakes is that you can often have multiple flavors made.

You can also ask family members or friends if they might be willing to purchase the wedding cake as your wedding gift. You would work with your baker and your family or friends pay for the cake.

If you are making your own cake or having your own baker provide a cake, you should inquire as to whether there is a cake cutting fee. Many venues charge an additional fee to cut and serve the cake when a baker who is not affiliated with their venue creates the wedding cake. A cake cutting fee can add an additional cost of $1.50 or more per person.

Pictured above is one of the sheet cakes that one of my brides made for her wedding and decorated with love birds. The photo was taken by Brian Tropiano Photography.

While we are on the subject of wedding cakes, many brides wonder if they need to serve dessert. If you are trying to save money, additional desserts are not necessary. If you eliminate the extra sweets, you save extra dollars. Guests have been eating during the cocktail hour and dinner reception and will be served a slice of your delicious wedding cake. They will not feel the need for additional food.