Don’t Have A Cookie-Cutter Wedding: Inexpensive Ideas to Let Your Wedding Day Represent You

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I don’t believe any bride should have a cookie-cutter wedding. You want your guests to know that your wedding day truly represents you and your fiance. You want to create an unforgettable experience for you, and one that your guests will remember for years to come. The key to making this come about is to put your personal stamp on your day. It’s all in the details, and you can accomplish this with little or no money.

Start by making a list of your hobbies and interests. Are you into ballroom dancing, do you like a special sport, do you compose poetry, do you make your own beer?

When you have your list, write down ways that you can incorporate your hobby or interest into your favors, d├ęcor, music, and ceremony. Do the items that are the most fun, speak to who you are as a couple and will engage your guests. Here are some ideas:

Name Your Tables
Instead of using table numb
ers, you can name your tables after an interest or hobby. They can be named for your favorite ballroom dances, your favorite sports players on a team, your favorite poets or authors, places you visited together, types of beer or wine, or your favorite flowers.

Have Favors That Tie in With Your Hobby or Interest
You can give homemade bottles of wine or beer, seeds for your guests to plant in their garden, or a framed poem.

Display Your Photos
On each table you can have a collage of photos showing the two of you growing up. You can make your own signature guest book with your photos on the different pages. You can play a montage of photos of the two of you from when your were children to when you became a couple.

Personalize Your Vows
This is one of my favorites. Your guests will love hearing your special vows of love. You can also have your officiant share your love story with your guests.

Hopefully these ideas have you thinking about your wedding day and how you can bring in touches that will represent you.