Wedding Makeup Do’s And Don’ts

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Melissa Purvis, Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics, Has Advice for All Brides

As wedding season heats up, and wedding day approaches, many brides are looking for skin care and makeup advice. Brides are asking, “What are the best colors to use?” And a pressing question that I hear constantly is, “How do I get my makeup to last the entire day and into the night?”

I had the opportunity to speak with Melissa Purvis, a Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics. I asked her questions on how you can look picture-perfect on your wedding day.

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How soon before the wedding should a bride begin preparing her skin?
A bride should prep her skin at least one month before her portrait and/or her wedding day. She should stay consistent with her cleansing and moisturizing routines so her skin is not stressed, She wants it to look smooth and flawless for her wedding photos. I recommend exfoliating 1-2 times per week to exfoliate dead skin cells and to wash away dirt and impurities that build up on the skin. Hydrating is also important to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Are you seeing fashion trends in wedding makeup?
I strongly believe that wedding makeup should stay away from trends and go with a natural look that enhances the bride’s beauty.

What do you recommend for a bride with a fair complexion so that she doesn’t look washed out in her photos?
A bride with a fair complexion will need a little extra color so she doesn’t look washed out. Consider putting the focus on one area of the face only, perhaps the lips. Also, use just a little more cheek color than usual so the cheeks look rosy with a natural glow.

What type of makeup and foundation photograph the best?
A bride should choose a matte foundation, a matching concealer and mineral powder for a finished look. I like to define the eyes with a smoky liner applied lightly along the upper and lower lashes. For eye color, I choose soft, neutral shades. The bride should be sure to wear waterproof mascara for the sentimental moments. A shiny lip is always pretty. I apply a creme lipstick followed by a shiny lip gloss. For longer wear, I apply a lip liner all over the lips before the lipstick. Brides need to keep in mind that more makeup is not necessarily better.

What colors should a bride choose for her makeup?
Choosing a color palette is as important as choosing a dress. A bride shouldn’t try a new look the day of the wedding. She should go for a natural look that enhances her beauty. The goal is to make sure the makeup stands the test of time, so that when she looks back on her portraits, she’ll always look pretty.

Are there different color combinations that you recommend for different brides?
I recommend different color combinations for brides with different hair and eye colors and skin tones. These combinations can be found on my website. Brides should click on the Virtual Makeover to find their perfect combination of colors.

Are there certain “hot” colors for brides getting married this summer?
The “hot” colors include using a highlighter under the brow bone, and on the inside half of the lid, that have a little more “pop” without being over done. Colors like honey spice, lemongrass and blue metal work well as an alternative to just ivory and beige tones.

Should makeup vary based on time of day?
For evening weddings, I apply a little more makeup. Brides should lighten up for a daytime wedding. To make lip color last longer, the tip is to color in the entire lip with the lip liner in a shade that compliments their lip color. This makes the lips more kiss-proof. By using a soft cheek color and plenty of mineral powder, their look will last all day and into the night. Brides should put lip color, lip liner, powder and Mary Kay Beauty Blotters Oil-Absorbing Tissues in their purse, and use as needed before photos throughout the wedding.

We’ve talked about the brides, but what about the bridesmaids? Should bridesmaids wear makeup to complement their gowns?
It’s a good idea for the bridesmaids to not only wear makeup that complements their gowns, but nail color as well. The key is to enhance their overall appearance without looking heavy or overdone.

How long does a make up application take for a bride, her bridal party, and mothers of the bride?
It takes about one half hour to 45 minutes per application. The bride takes a little longer than the bridesmaids and the mothers.

I constantly get the question, “What should get done first, hair or makeup?” What is your advice?
Brides should get their hair done before their makeup to avoid coating their makeup with stray hairspray. I recommend that brides get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water so their eyes look bright and their skin looks beautiful in their photos.

How far in advance should brides contact you for a makeup consultation?
Brides should contact me, at the very latest, one month before the wedding to begin a skin care regimen and do foundation and color matching.

What is the best way for brides to reach you for more information on your products and services?
The best way to reach me is via text at 484.356.4755, email at, or through my personal website: Plus I have a special offer. I’m giving the bride 20% off her skin care and glamour purchases and 10% off the bridesmaid’s purchases. By visiting my website, they can see everything I have to offer.